Renovation & Re-design

We want a new house but we don’t want to move! What if we renovate and end up selling sooner than we thought? Will we lose our money?? Does it pay to convert a third bedroom to an ensuite?

All the dilemmas! It is possible to have the best of these scenarios. Renovate wisely!

Kitchen renovations in particular are costly, but don’t always pay off like you’d expect. I’ve seen many expensive kitchen and home renovations that have no overall design integration, or were simply poor choices and aren’t very functional. Get some help with that!

You may need some advice on how to redecorate a few rooms to freshen up your home. I can spend a few hours with you picking paint colors, giving you a new perspective on how to use your furniture and art, and creating a list of what to slowly acquire.

Or, you may be ready to get some dust flying. I can help you prioritize which renovation projects to tackle first; assist you in selecting tile, flooring and fixtures; and also suggest floor plan modifications that will change how you live in your home ... all while keeping it appealing for the home selling market

The few hours up front are worth some peace of mind. Contact me for a renovation/re-design consultation.

Deena, just wanted to say thank you very much. I just love the place—I think it looks absolutely fantastic! I took the key, I opened the door and I closed my eyes. I thought I’m either really going to like this, or I’m going to go, “Ohhh.” I opened the door and I just absolutely loved it! I couldn’t be happier. You delivered exactly what I was hoping it would flow like—exactly what I had in mind. Thank you so much for all your hard work on it.
Jason R.,
Executive condo / Show suite Project