Realtor Partnerships

When your properties look good, you look good - and GreenApple is all about making you look fabulous!

We are committed to working with Realtors who care about providing an outstanding marketing plan to their listing clients. We recognize how hard you work to maintain a high level of customer service, and offer the same back to you.

When we apply our Home Staging & Photography expertise to your listings, they will attract more interest and better offers. This in turn will help you attract more listings and a higher quality of clientele.

Our services are cost-effective. We offer special pricing to qualified Realtors - those who value offering properly prepared homes for sale along with distinctive real estate photography as part of their brand identity. Photographs are like kids - they say more about you than you think!

Our service and professionalism is second to none. We work hard for you. Contact us today to get started.

Compete for listings with more Trust


Avoid Awkward Conversations
As a Real Estate professional you know exactly what it takes to market a property - afterall, it's your area of expertise. Sometimes this requires giving your vendors feedback that, quite frankly, they may not want to hear. This can put you in an awkward position, especially when you are competing for a listing or just earning a client's trust.

This is where we can help, because it is our area of expertise!

We provide that objective, expert opinion on your behalf by tactfully addressing issues that may be more difficult for you to approach: personal taste, sentimental collections, odours, religious items, etc.

We also have the expertise to not only see which changes are necessary in order to achieve greater market appeal, we know how. While most people may be able to identify that a room feels awkward, or that the colours are too bold, we provide the solution to remedy those situations—how the furniture should be placed for better flow, or which colours do have the right undertones.

With GreenApple, you can turn all those potentially awkward situations to your advantage. Get us working for you.

Gain the Competitive Edge


A Value-Added Edge
By offering our services as part of your service it shows your clients that you are serious about professionally marketing their home.

Vendors will love that you have more tools in your marketing box than just a felt pen for price reductions. The homes you present for sale will have a better chance of selling quickly and closer to list price, making you a Realtor of choice.

Include a Pre-Market Consultation and distinctive Real Estate Photography in your listing regimen to take your business to the next level.

Anything else—just ask!

Turn Expired Listings into Dream Listings

Wish every listing could be an easy one? With GreenApple, that's our goal. We add the Golden touch with our Pre-Market Consultations to all your listings, ensuring they sell with your name on it!

Our "Fresheyes" Consultation
We will spend approximately 1 hour giving the HomeOwner all kinds of tips and feedback to increase the marketability of their property. Within 24 hours we will email a summary to you highlighting these points of discussion.

Our comments range from recommending paint colors, other minor (but important!) repairs or upgrades, removing personal items, styling bathrooms and bedrooms ... to how to deal with kids and pets, and what to do before a showing.

Preferred Realtors- Use this service twice, and receive a $50 discount every time after!

Our "Fresheyes" Consultation
Complete with Recommendation Report

We will spend 1-2 hours in the home giving our feedback (as above) and taking notes. We also take photos to detail our recommendations which helps the HomeOwner to see their property with greater objectivity. Both of you will receive the full, illustrated report itemizing all of our suggestions (4-5 pages).

This is a step-by-step guide for the Home-Owner to get their property in market ready shape.

$50 discount program also applies!

Find out about other Staging Services

Anything else—just ask!

Real Estate Photography Packages

We have packages to suit any size of property, typically ranging from 12 photos for a condo or small home, to 35 photos for a luxury property. A typical MLS shoot is 20 finished images.

All of our packages include:

  • Elevated exterior images
  • High quality interior images taken with our multiple lighting technique
  • Post-processing and image optimization
  • 24 hour delivery
  • A hosted slideshow/virutal tour on our site
  • Styling considerations - if it's distracting, in the way or needs fluffing, we take care of those details!
  • Detail shots, as the property demands
We also offer Additional Services:
  • Twilight shots
  • Brochure design & printed copies
  • Leather bound, branded photobooks
  • Full styling/staging services, such as a pre-photo session Power Stage
  • Image editing services for existing photos (e.g. correcting lighting & color in home-owner seasonal shots, removing trash bins or other distractions. We only change elements that are a temporary condition.)
Anything else—just ask!

Why risk more marketing dollars? + other FAQ
Our 5-star Service

We consider GreenApple a key part of our home selling Team. We use GreenApple on all are listings to provide both Staging consultations and to shoot our web and print photos. The quality of the work is great.
Kevin Haller & John Trester
MaxWell City Central Realty