Bright, Crisp, Fresh Interior Photography

Attention, attention, attention is what matters in our web-oriented real estate market - and GreenApple's photos of your property capture attention.

Great photography is especially important for real estate ... buyers can't imagine what they can't see. We ensure that your space - and all its features - are clear and visible in our images. We light every corner of the room (and even the rooms beyond!) with multiple flash units, to create stunning images that captivate your online real estate shoppers.

Of course, we use professional camera equipment and state-of-the-art digital technology for our photos. However, equipment alone can't ensure the best images. For example, few of us would be capable of re-creating the Mona Lisa whether we have today's leading edge technology or DaVinci's own paint brush!

Our photographs rely on both professional equipment and photographic expertise to increase interest in your online real estate. Visit our Portfolio to see for yourself. Or get a Quotation for a Real Estate Photography Package.

Real Estate Packages & Photography Services


What we include in a Package
We have packages to suit any size of property, typically ranging from 12 photos for a condo or small home, to 35 photos for a luxury property. A typical MLS shoot is 20 finished images.

All of our packages include:

  • Elevated exterior images
  • High quality interior images taken with our studio lighting technique
  • Post-processing and image optimization for web and print
  • 24 hour delivery
  • A hosted slideshow/virutal tour on our site
  • Styling considerations—if it's distracting, in the way or needs fluffing, we take care of those details!
  • Detail shots, as the property demands
We also offer Additional Services:
  • Twilight shots
  • Brochure design & printed copies
  • Leather bound, branded photobooks
  • Full styling/staging services, such as a pre-photo session Power Stage
  • Image editing services for existing photos (e.g. correcting lighting & color in home-owner seasonal shots, removing trash bins or other distractions. We only change elements that are a temporary condition.)
Anything else—just ask!

Styling + Home Staging Services
Isn't this type of Photography just for luxury
    homes? + other FAQ

Our 5-star Service
Architectural Photography
I am impressed with how fast you get these photos off to me as well as your professional nature with my clients. The photos always look fabulous and you have a keen eye for detail that will in turn help my listings sell faster!!! Thank you!
Claudia Walz
Re/Max House of Real Estate