Home Buying Advice

What?! Home buying advice? Don’t you just look until you find the “right” one? We wish it were that easy! Calgary neighborhoods are aging and lifestyles are changing. Unless you want to live on the edge of the city in a new house, you’ve got some tougher choices to make.

My experience is that it is hard for a lot of home buyers to see past dated interiors, unique decorating choices, awkward furniture layouts and plain ol’ dirt to really assess the suitability of a property for them.

I hear ... What do we do with a formal living or dining room that we’ll never use? We want a mud room with lockers! Where’s the ensuite? The basement is so dark ...

I can help you sort through these issues. With my home renovation experience and ability to see a diamond in the rough, I help you determine how much you can easily, or want to, take on.

Call me to view your shortlisted properties with you, or assist you with a renovation plan. I offer a different perspective than your Realtor, home inspector or contractor. I have designed several homes, improved floor plans, re-decorated interiors to transform spaces into this decade, and general contracted several renovation projects.

Get the design perspective you need when choosing your next home!

Deena, just wanted to say thank you very much. I just love the place—I think it looks absolutely fantastic! I took the key, I opened the door and I closed my eyes. I thought I’m either really going to like this, or I’m going to go, “Ohhh.” I opened the door and I just absolutely loved it! I couldn’t be happier. You delivered exactly what I was hoping it would flow like—exactly what I had in mind. Thank you so much for all your hard work on it.
Jason R.,
Executive condo / Show suite Project